The design Process - Call 01273 831 426

Consultation phase - Complimentary

  1. Email your ideas over to
  2. One hour consultation with me at my office in Hurstpierpoint, West Sussex
  3. Together we will discuss the project and ideas, create an estimate of costs or evaluate your budget
  4. Show me your plans, rough measurements, photos, and even an ideas scrapbook if you have one.
  5. View various samples of my work, collections and have a brief workshop walkthrough.

Approved client phase - Fees apply

I will estimate the cost and supply an estimate, following an agreement and a deposit of 15% I will create a detailed proposal which can include -

  1. Visit with you at your home or business to discuss the project in more detail - this meeting all about listening to your basic design criteria.
  2. Measuring up - I have access to state of the art laser measuring equipment to provide 3d design renders but most often use the reliable tape measure or single point laser measurer.
  3. Floor plans and rough sketch
  4. Create an architectural plan
  5. Work from your architect’s plans to design preliminary design concepts
  6. Interior design concepts and engineering design concepts
  7. Mood board - Great for larger projects or if you have difficulty visualising what you want designing and making
  8. Materials for more inspiration - I have an endless collection of materials and finishes available. There really are so many surface finish options in any materials imaginable
  9. Discuss proposal and costs - It’s important for all my clients that we both have a clear understanding of cost throughout your project
  10. Discuss redesign possibilities and added costs.
  11. CAD drawings and plans
  12. Telephone and email contact throughout to ensure you're aware of all the necessary details.
  13. Meet with you for final presentation of detailed proposal, costings, and final quotation
  14. Upon the approval of the designs and quotations, further deposits will be required in order to release drawings and commence the most often timely process of making the highly bespoke pieces.
  15. Not every project will require all of the above lists to carry out the project I will use my years of experience to determine the level required which reflects the original estimation.

Prepare to invest in the design process - If you truly want something that meets your needs and desires

I take pride in not constraining myself to any singular style as it's my belief that in order to deliver an innovative piece of furniture, art or kitchen being recognised for a singular style limits the audience that I can design for. This is a key principle in the foundation of my company. Therefore its hard to have a set price for each and every project can vary significantly...

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Working with you to produce a custom design which complements both yourself and your home
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"Always design a thing by considering it in its next larger context - a chair in a room, a room in a house, a house in a environment, an environment in a city plan"

Eero Saarinen