Designing exquisite bespoke furniture and specialist cabinetry in the heart of Sussex

A few examples of my work include: Bespoke desks, fitted wardrobes, Luxury libraries, dressing rooms, dining tables and even a mechanical Sweet Shop Trolley !

Bespoke Partner Desk & Luxury Studies

This is still one of my favourite pieces of furniture I have designed and I'm proud to offer a range of these exquisite desks. These partner desks can be privately commissioned with a variety of different options. Traditional and exotic woods such as Oak, Walnut, Macassar Ebony, Santos Rosewood. There are also a variety of the finest leather hides which can all be hand selected to compliment your bespoke desk. You can choose bespoke escutcheons made from solid silver, brass, bronze, and gold. All desks will include complicated mechanical touches such as secret drawers and compartments in its designs.

Much like when you order your new car and select extra details to add your personal touch...The principle is to keep this design shape the same and add your personal touches and style requirements to it.

Sizes are as follows 2100mm L x 1100mm W x 760 H Worldwide shipping

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Commissioned Furniture & Bespoke Accessories

Commissioning a unique piece of furniture is a wonderful process; one that allows you to own something entirely individual and in the process, help to maintain the rich tradition of furniture design and craftsmanship in Great Britain. Whether producing a unique one-off watch box or installing an entire library I am able to handle large and small commissions alike. Each commission is a private journey between me and the client. I find the more challenging the project the more inspired I get. I also enjoy working closely with other designers, architects and all trade professionals offering you endless possibilities.

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Vintage Industrial Furniture

I love making vintage industrial pieces of furniture in between commissions. I’m building up quite a unique collection. Here's one I made in 2017 sporting end grain English Walnut butcher's block style construction. As rare as English Walnut is, this Walnut was not suitable for my commission work due to the quality of the wood so I made good use of it in another way. I'm reluctant to sell this piece but will consider a reasonable offer!

View my gallery for the later vintage industrial furniture for Sale. 

Working with other Designers and Artisans

I can work closely with design consultancy firms, interior designers, and architects to ensure commissions are tailored exactly to their designs and the client's wishes.

Read about my recent collaboration with one of the world’s leading design and innovation companies Seymourpowell, for one of the worlds top chefs Heston Blumenthal for his Three Michelin Star restaurant The Fat Duck! The Sweet Shop is a spectacular showpiece to present and serve the final course of a meal at the Fat Duck in more here

To enquire call 01273 831 426 or email

Whether you are commissioning a piece of furniture, bespoke desk or watch box - my aim is to make the process seamless from start to finish.

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