“ Design is not just what it looks like and feels like... Design is how it works.”

Steve Jobbs

Bespoke Kitchens and Fine Furniture


Mark Heeler Furniture designer Designer

Mark Heeler

The Managing Director, Designer & Craftsman

As a young man, I always loved making things from wood and metal so it was an easy decision for me to choose a career in cabinet making and an engineering. I tend to put my hobbies close to my career so that during free time I'm continuously improving my skills with new and varied challenges. I enjoy designing innovative and practical machines for my business, ranging from storage systems and space optimisation, through to customising the latest transportation vehicles. I have a number of pet projects that I'm always working on as I strive for the harmonisation of form and function.

There are some current pieces of furniture and products I'm looking to offer on the open market in the coming years, although it's a slow process as my clients and commissioned work will always take precedence.  As a second generation designer and maker with 20 years experience, my company was established 20 years ago so you can feel confident we can deliver on our promises to you.


Mark Heeler Heston Sweetshop Trolley designer and maker

We collaborated with Seymourpowell and Heston blumenthal

The sweet shop trolly

I am very excited to announce I have been working on a "Top Secret" project and by far one of the most exciting projects I have been asked to work on...

How the story beings 

It all started when I was selected from a long list that included some the best craftsmen in the UK for a very special project - collaboration with one of the world’s leading design and innovation companies, Seymourpowell! Not only was this awesome in its own right...But I was then amazed to find the client to be none other than world-class chef Heston Blumenthal and his Michelin star restaurant The Fat Duck! The resulting sweet shop is a spectacular showpiece to present the final course of the meal at the Fat Duck in Bray. The entire sweet shop is completely bespoke, taking 9 months to plan but only 3.5 month and many late nights to build…See the latest video and to find out more about this project...read more

"To ensure the sweet shop was the finest quality, we collaborated with the cabinetmaker Mark Heeler, who even had to make new tools specifically to make the sweet shop to the bespoke design,"

"Everything has been made as if it's real. The floorboards and rafters are hand-carved from oak and are perfectly to scale. The windows are made from special glass used for microscopic slides. The window frames are hand-crafted from solid ebony and each roof tile has been made individually and deliberately burnt on its edges for authenticity."